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Fitness for Beginners: A Guide for Men

fitness for men

3. Importance of Diet

Increasing your protein intake is very important if you’re looking to gain muscle mass. It’s important to eat a balanced diet when you start a fitness regimen because without the proper nutrition, your body will not respond to your workouts the way you want it to. This means cutting your intake of refined sugars and complex carbohydrates. Simple sugars and carbohydrates like those found in fruits and vegetables will help your body work the way it’s supposed to and making sure that you’ve got enough protein to build your muscles will ensure that you’re not making your body sicker instead of healthier. Your nutritional needs will remain largely the same regardless of your workout routine unless you’re looking to build a lot of muscle quickly.

4. Set a Time

If your workout time is important to you, you need to make sure it’s scheduled. Set aside a time every day for being active, even if you’re not planning on going to the gym every day. Keeping yourself active on a daily basis will help you stick to your routine and you’ll notice results faster than if you are only active on “gym days.”

5. Make it a Habit

Humans are creatures of habit and unless we make ourselves do the hard part of making fitness a habit, we typically continue to sit on the couch and complain about feeling bad. It’s important to “fake it until you make it.” If you hate working out, just keep at it (grin and bear it!) and after a while, you’ll notice that you look forward to your fitness regimen.

6. Inspiration

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