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Fitness for Beginners: A Guide for Women

weight lifting for women

1. Where and How to Work Out

When you’re starting a fitness regime, there are some key considerations to take into account when you’re making your plans. It’s important to get good information on how to begin and where you would be most comfortable when you’re getting started. There are now several gym choices for women who are shy about working out in front of the opposite sex. These “women-only” gyms provide specific services tailored to fitness-minded women, including personal trainers who are well-versed in targeting common problem areas for the female body. Talk to your doctor before you start a high-impact workout regimen and make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger by exercising too vigorously, especially if you’ve been sedentary.

2. Lifting Weights at the Gym

Depending on your goals regarding your workout regimen, you might find yourself lifting weights, especially if you want to build a bit of toned muscle. If you already have a fair amount of muscle mass and just need to tone it, it’s a good idea to start with small weights and multiple repetitions. Increasing the number of repetitions without increasing the weight is an effective way to tone muscle without building more or becoming bulky. Don’t try to push yourself too hard when you’re first getting started and remember that using larger weights will help increase muscle mass, while smaller weights provide the resistance needed to tone muscle you already have.